How can I find drop shipping wholesalers and distributors?

When starting an online shop is very important to have cleared of the steps to follow in order to get the best products. It is not a difficult task but novice entrepreneurs need some advice so as not to get lost. The market is really big and competitive, so be sure all distributors are going to flatter you in order to catch your attention. They will always tell you that they have the best merchant, but you need to have the tools to distinguish a scam.

 The aim of this article is to explain to you step by step where can you find the best merchandise and what are the most reliable distributors. You have 3 main methods to do it. The first one is contacting directly to the manufacturer, the second one, searching on Google and the third one, subscribing your business to a Directory. Here you will find more information in detail:

  1. Contacting directly to the manufacturer:

If you have a clear idea of what products you want to sell you can contact the manufacturer but he won’t sell you’re their products. As it is widely known, the manufacturer has fixed distributors that are in charge of storing merchant. Therefore, he or she just will give you the names of the authorized distributors. However, drop shipping makes the process changes a little bit. There are several distributors but just one has the merchant stored. For this reason, drop shipping is easier; the distributor doesn’t need to have a warehouse. He is only in charge of receiving and organizing shipping, payment and deliveries. Therefore, you can contact the manufacturer and he will give you enough information to decide where to buy.

  1. Searching on Google

Normally it is the easiest method because everybody is announced on Internet. However, you have to take into account several things that can become your business a nightmare. When searching, make sure you go deeply into every single website and look more than 5 Google pages. Sometimes the best information is hidden because wholesale businesses are really bad at marketing online and SEO. They are in low positions and then they have high quality products. For this reason, be careful and look for the best wholesale distributors. Avoid spam and false websites and look for the most reliable distributors. In addition, you can contact to several suppliers in order to know if they are real and if they are authorized.

  1. Subscribe your own business to a famous Directory

A directory will help to be aware of the best wholesale distributors. You will keep in touch and the directory will provide you with relevant information. However, there are some directories that are really poor and their products are low-quality. Make sure your directory let you access to thousands of products and suppliers. Shopify is one of the best examples of directory. You will be able to find the best ones and quickly. It is high quality and all its products are authorized.